Contribution of periodic homogenization to the upscaling of reactive transport in partially saturated double porosity elastic media

January 21, 2011

Time: January 21, 2011
Lecturer: Jolanta Lewandowska
Université Montpellier II, Laboratoire LMGC
Venue: Seminarraum 2, Universität Stuttgart
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The modelling of reactive transport in (partially) saturated double porosity elastic media is one of the important issues related to thegeological storage of the CO2. In this presentation the modelling byusing the periodic homogenization will be reviewed. The interest ofthe homogenization method resides in the fact that it provides uswith the link between the scales, and therefore can helpunderstanding the mechanisms of the CO2 trapping, especially at longterm (geological scale). The special attention will be paid to thefollowing characteristics of this complex problem: heterogeneity ofthe porous medium (double porosity), presence of different phases(two-phase flow), chemical reactivity and deformability (elasticity).In order to have a comprehensive overview, the existing models, thecurrent advances and the open questions will be shown and discussed.
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