Modelling interface-driven multiphase processes

Main research subject

Interface-driven processes occur in different applications, like in salinization at the interface soil/air, transport in fuel cells at the interface between porous layer and gas channels, in root systems in the soil with interfaces between vessel-like structures and porous media. It is similar in transport systems for therapeutic agents in the human body and many other fields. Very often, the problem is characterized by an interaction of free and porous-medium flow. The quantification of transfer fluxes of mass, momentum and energy is crucial for the above-mentioned applications. In the course of these processes, the flow dynamics in the porous domain and in the free flow exhibit a strong interdependency, which is often controlled by mechanisms at the common interface. This is key to an improved understanding and the development of appropriate models for applications like those mentioned above.

associated research projects

Title Description
SFB1313, C02: Upscaling of pore-scale processes involving microstructural evolution Duration: 01/2018 - 12/2025
Departments: LH2 und IANS
Leaders: Rainer Helmig, Christian Rohde, luliu Sorin Pop
Funding: DFG
SFB 1313, A02: Advanced modelling concepts for coupling free flow with porous-media flow Duration: 01/2018 - 12/2025
Departments: LH2 and ITLR
Leaders: Rainer Helmig, Bernhard Weigand
Funding: DFG
EXC 2075: Coupled flow, transport, and geochemical processes in fractures/fissures with a focus on geothermal and karstic systems Duration: 10/2021 - 12/2024
Department: LH2
Leader: Rainer Helmig, Holger Class, Bernd Flemisch
Funding: DFG
GRK 2160 Dropit: Upscaling of coupled free-flow and porous-media-flow processes Duration: 10/2016 - 09/2025
Department: LH2
Leader: Rainer Helmig, Carina Bringedal
Funding: DFG
TrinkXtrem: Adaptation strategies of public drinking water supply to extreme events Duration: 02/2022 - 01/2025
Department: LH2
Leader: Rainer Helmig, Holger Class
Funding: BMBF


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