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Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation (VEGAS)

We are delighted to see how students improve over time and cherish teaching. We also offer and supervise interesting topics for BSc and Msc theses. We offer thesis topics in our chemistry lab, in performing contaminant and heat transport experiments in the lab and in the field, and in mathematical modelling. We value education and teach courses in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Management as well as in the “Fortbildungsverbund Boden und Altlasten Baden-Württemberg ”

range of courses

summer semester

Field Course Hydrogeology
lecturer: Claus Haslauer, Simon Kleinknecht, Jochen Seidel and Oliver Trötschler
more information:c@mpus, c@mpus(WAREM)

winter semester:

Environmental Fluid Mechanics I
lecturer:Holger Class, Simon Kleinknecht, Sergey Oladyshkin, Johannes Hommel
more information: c@mpus

Environmental Measuring and Monitoring Technologies
lecturer: Claus Haslauer
more information: c@mpus

Groundwater and Soil Remediation
lecturer: Simon Kleinknecht, Johannes Hommel, Claus Haslauer, Norbert Klaas
more information: c@mpus

Offered BSc./MSc. theses

+++Despite the current corona situation, we continue to offer bachelor / master theses (taking all security measures into account)+++

VEGAS offers a variety of different bachelor / master theses for the study programs Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, WAREM and WASTE. A selection is shown in the following list. Beyond that, we often have exciting new tasks on the development of remediation technologies on different scales, geothermal energy, measurement technology and exploration as well as heterogeneity and multivariate statistics. Just contact  Simon Kleinknecht, Claus Haslauer, or Norbert Klaas if you are interested!

Current student assignments available:

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