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Department of Stochastic Simulation and Safety Research for Hydrosystems

Water is unique – no other element is so ubiquitous, vital, vulnerable and threatening at the same time. We must secure our access to clean water, shield our civilization from droughts and floods, use water sustainably in food and energy production, and protect water as part of our environment. Our department has the mission to help master these challenges.

Simulation technology provides the ability to see through walls and obstacles in past, present and future. Safe engineering requires conclusive and reliable recommendations, but the models and data used in simulation are always imperfect.

For handling the resulting uncertainties and risks, we develop concepts, models and tools for stochastic simulation. Our focus is on natural subsurface resources (e.g., groundwater, drinking water and carbon reservoirs) and on energy-related systems (e.g., carbon dioxide storage, geothermal energy, energy system planning, battery safety). 

Our department has strong collaborations with internationally renowned researchers. These collaborations comprise projects related to environmental modelling, underground contaminant transport, statistics, optimization, quantification of uncertainty, system reliability, system security and energy systems. Our PhD-students typically perform a research stay at our partners during their projects. 

Past Research Projects

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