Seminar Talks

Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems

The Department organises regularly scientific talks to be given by members of the work group and by guests. Some of these talks take place in relation with the SFB 1313 lecture series and with Simtech.

Presentations at the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems


Date Speaker Title of Talk Place
23rd February 2021 Prof. Muhammad Sahimi (University of Southern California) Porous media, small and large: From atomistic modeling of nano-porous membranes to modeling of flow and transport in geological formation (SFB 1313 Pretty Porous Science Lecture Series) online-presentation (webex)
24th February 2021 Gabriele Seitz (LH2) Modeling fixed bed reactors for thermochemical HeatStorage with the reaction system CaO/Ca(OH)2 (Doctoral Thesis Defense) online-presentation (webex)
2nd March 2021 Prof. Dorthe Wildenschild (Oregon State University Contact angle hysteresis in multi-phase flow (SFB 1313 Anneliese Niethammer Lecture Series) online-presentation (webex)


Date Speaker Title of Talk Place
21st January 2020 Johan van Leeuwen (University of Utrecht) Biodegradation of contaminants in the saturated subsurface U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
30th January 2020 Prof. Massimo Rolle (DTU Copenhagen) Transport and mixing in saturated porous media U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
19th February 2020 Timo Koch (LH2) Mixed-dimension embedded models for flow and transport processes in porous media with embedded tubular network systems (Doctoral Thesis Defense) U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
12th March 2020 Kilian Weishaupt (LH2) Model concepts for coupling free flow with porous medium flow at the pore-network scale: from single-phase flow to compositional non-isothermal two-phase flow (Doctoral Thesis Defense) U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
23rd March 2020 Dennis Gläser (LH2) Discrete fracture modeling of multi-phase flow and deformation in fractures poroelastic media (Doctoral Thesis Defense) online-Vortrag (webex)
17th April 2020 Edward Coltman (LH2) Evaporation Across the Soil-Atmosphere Interface: Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Turbulence and Interfacial Forms (Milestone-Presentation) online-Vortrag (webex)
20th April 2020 Felix Weihnardt (LH2) Induced calcite precipitation in porous media - numerical and experimental investigations of porosity/permeability alteration on different scales (Milestone-Presentation) online-Vortrag (webex)
7th May 2020 Prof. Jochen Schütz (Universität Hasselt) A parallel-in-time IMEX multiderivative method online-Vortrag (webex)
19th June 2020 Sina Ackermann (LH2) A multi-scale approach for drop/porous-medium interaction (Doctoral Thesis Defense) online-Vortrag (webex)
8th October 2020 Farid Mohammadi (LH2) Development and Realization of Validation Benchmarks (Milestone-Presentation)

online-Vortrag (webex)

17th December 2020 Simon Emmert (LH2) Developing and calibrating a numerical  model for microbially enhanced coal-bed methane production (Doctoral Thesis Defense)

online-Vortrag (webex)

17th December 2020 Katharina Heck (LH2) Modelling and analysis of multicomponent transport at the interface between free and prous-medium flow influenced by radiation and roughness (Doctoral Thesis Defense)

online-Vortrag (webex)

22nd December 2020 Theresa Kurz (LH2) Evaporation driven salt presipitation in porous media (Milestone-Presentation)


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