Lehrstuhl für Hydromechanik und Hydrosystemmodellierung

Der Lehrstuhl organisiert regelmäßig wissenschaftliche Vorträge von Mitarbeiter*innen und von Gästen. Die Vorträge finden teilweise auch im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe des SFB 1313 und von Simtech statt.

Vorträge am Lehrstuhl für Hydromechanik und Hydrosystemmodellierung


Datum Sprecher*in Vortragstitel Vortragsort

12. Juli 2023 (Doktorprüfung) 

Maziar Veyskarami Coupled free-flow–porous media flow processes including drop formation U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
27. Juni 2023 (Milestone Presentation) Hanchuan Wu Modeling of flow and transport processes in coupled systems involving porous media – Network structure, and coupled compartment U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
6. Juni 2023 (Anneliese Niethammer Lecture) Prof. Ph.D. Małgorzata Peszyńska (Oregon State University, USA) Modeling and simulation of (thawing) permafrost U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
23. Mai 2023  Dr. Hari Shankar Mahato (IIT Kharagpur) Homogenisation of a poroelastic model for fiber-reinforced hydrogels U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
4. Mai 2023 Dr. Ana Carolina Loyola (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech) Coupled hydromechanical models to assess fracture-related permeability changes in reservoirs U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
20. April 2023 Prof. Jan Vanderborght (FZ Jülich) Evaporation and Transpiration from Land Surfaces: Role of Soil and Vegetation Hydraulic Properties U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
19. April 2023 (Milestone Presentation) Stefanie Kiemle (Stuttgart) Analysis of Evaporation Processes at the Land Surface - Atmosphere Interface U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
13. April 2023 Dr. Silvia De Simone (CSIC Barcelona) Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical processes in the subsurface: tricky aspects, smart solutions, and critical implications U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
21. Februar 2023 Prof. Patrick Jenny (ETH Zürich) Tightly Coupled Hyperbolic Treatment of Buoyant Two-Phase Flow and Transport in Porous Media U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
16. Februar 2023 (Doktorprüfung) Farid Mohammadi (Stuttgart)  A Surrogate-Assisted Bayesian Framework for Uncertainty-Aware Validation Benchmarks  U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
15. Februar 2023 Prof. Robin Gerlach (Montana State University)  Tightly Coupled Hyperbolic Treatment of Buoyant Two-Phase Flow and Transport in Porous Media  U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
10. Februar 2023 (Anneliese Niethammer Lecture) Prof. Monica Riva (Politecnico di Milano) Multiple Metrics for Sensitivity Analysis: Can they be useful to guide efforts engaged in complex subsurface systems studies  U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)


Datum Sprecher*in Vortragstitel Ort
15. November 2022 Prof. Sebastian Geiger (TU Delft) Reservoir modelling for the energy transmission U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
9. November 2022 Dr. Ivar Stefannson (University of Bergen) Dynamic permeability in fractured porous media U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
25. Oktober 2022 Dr. Simon Krause (MPI for Solid State Research) Structural dynamics in nanoporous framework materials U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
13. September 2022 Prof. Costanza Aricò (University of Palermo) Investigation of free fluid over porous media. A novel numerical solver for one-domain-approach

U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)

21. Juli 2022 (Anneliese Niethammer Lecture)

Prof. Laura De Lorenzis (ETH Zürich)

Phase-field modeling and simulation of desiccation-induced cracking U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
7. Juli 2022 (Doktorprüfung)

Felix Weinhardt (Universität Stuttgart)

Porosity and permeability alterations in processes of biomineralization in porous media - microfluidic investigations and theor interpretation U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
30. Juni 2022 Prof. Philippe Devloo (University of Campinas) On the numerical modeling of the Brinkman equations using hybridized H(div) approximations U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
12. Mai 2022 Sidian Chen (University of Arizona) Compositional two-phase flow & phase behavior in nanoporous shale rocks: pore level physics, network modeling, and upscaling

U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)

28. April 2022

Prof. Marie E. Rognes (Simula Research Laboratory)

Mathematical modelling of human brain transport: from medical images to biophysical simulation

U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)


28. April 2022

Prof. Joaquin Jiminez-Martinez (ETH Zürich) The coupling of processes in the subsurface key for protection of resources and life-sustaining: A microscale view U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)

5. April 2022 (Milestone Presentation)

Roman Winter (Universität Stuttgart) Modelling of aqueous transport processes with low-level radioactive nuclides online Vortrag

8. Februar 2022


Prof. Ester Simoes Ferreira (TH Köln) Current challenges in the consolidation of porous paint layers U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)

25. Januar 2022

Prof. Bo Guo (University of Arizona) Long-term retention and leaching of PFAS in the vadose zone: controlling processes, mathematical formulation, and practical modeling approaches online-lecture

15 January 2022 (Doktorprüfung)

Cynthia Michalkowski (Universität Stuttgart) Modeling water transport at the interface between porous GDL and gas distributor of a PEM fuel cell cathode U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)

20. Januar 2022

Prof. Jacques Huyghe (University of Limerick and TU Eindhoven) The heart: the only pump the failure of which cannot be assessed through stress analysis U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)


Datum Sprecher*in Vortragstitel Vortragsort
9. November 2021 Prof. Philippe Ackerer (University of Strasbourg) Darcy or not Darcy, that is the question U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
19. Oktober 2021 Prof. Maja Rücker (TU Eindhoven) Flow in sub-surfaces reservoirs - rom molecular interactions to fluid dynamics U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
22. Juli 2021 Prof. Alraune Zech (Utrecht University) Drying dynamics of drops of complex fluids U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
13. Juli 2021 Prof. Barbara Wohlmuth The challenge of non-local operators and mixed dimension in simulation and modelling online-Vortrag (webex)
22. Juni 2021 (Doktorprüfung) Beatrix Becker (Universität Stuttgart) Development of efficient multiscale multiphysics models accounting for reversible flow at various subsurface energy storage sties U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
18. Mai 2021  Maria Wetzel (GFZ German Research Center for Geosciences) Hydraulic and mechanical effects of pore space alterations quantified by digital rock physics online-Vortrag (webex)
24. März 2021 Prof. Rainer Helmig (Stuttgart) From the brain to the fuel cell - porous media are everywhere U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
1. März 2021 Prof. Dorthe Wildenschilde (Oregon State University) Contact Angle Hysteresis in Multi-Phase Flow online-Vortrag (webex)
23. Februar 2021 Prof. Muhammad Sahimi (University of Southern California) Porous media, small and large: From atomistic modeling of nano-porous membranes to modeling of flow and transport in geological formation (SFB 1313 Pretty Porous Science Lecture Series) online-Vortrag
24. Februar 2021 (Doktorprüfung) Gabriele Seitz (LH2) Modeling fixed bed reactors for thermochemical HeatStorage with the reaction system CaO/Ca(OH)2  online-Vortrag (webex)
2. März 2021 Prof. Dorthe Wildenschild (Oregon State University Contact angle hysteresis in multi-phase flow (SFB 1313 Anneliese Niethammer Lecture Series) online-Vortrag (webex)


Datum Sprecher*in Vortragstitel Vortragsort
21. Januar 2020 Johan van Leeuwen (Universität Utrecht) Biodegradation of contaminants in the saturated subsurface U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
30. Januar 2020 Prof. Massimo Rolle (DTU Copenhagen) Transport and mixing in saturated porous media U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
19. Februar 2020 (Doktorprüfung) Timo Koch (LH2) Mixed-dimension embedded models for flow and transport processes in porous media with embedded tubular network systems U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
12. März 2020 (Doktorprüfung) Kilian Weishaupt (LH2) Model concepts for coupling free flow with porous medium flow at the pore-network scale: from single-phase flow to compositional non-isothermal two-phase flow  U1.003 (Multimedia Lab)
23. März 2020 (Doktorprüfung) Dennis Gläser (LH2) Discrete fracture modeling of multi-phase flow and deformation in fractures poroelastic media  online-Vortrag (webex)
17. April 2020 (Milestone Presentation) Edward Coltman (LH2) Evaporation Across the Soil-Atmosphere Interface: Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Turbulence and Interfacial Forms  online-Vortrag (webex)
20. April 2020 (Milestone Presentation) Felix Weinhardt (LH2) Induced calcite precipitation in porous media - numerical and experimental investigations of porosity/permeability alteration on different scales  online-Vortrag (webex)
7. Mai 2020 Prof. Jochen Schütz (Universität Hasselt) A parallel-in-time IMEX multiderivative method online-Vortrag (webex)
19. Juni 2020 (Doktorprüfung) Sina Ackermann (LH2) A multi-scale approach for drop/porous-medium interaction  online-Vortrag (webex)
8. Oktober 2020 (Milestone Presentation) Farid Mohammadi (LH2) Development and Realization of Validation Benchmarks 

online-Vortrag (webex)

17. Dezember 2020 (Doktorprüfung) Simon Emmert (LH2) Developing and calibrating a numerical  model for microbially enhanced coal-bed methane production 

online-Vortrag (webex)

17. Dezember 2020 (Doktorprüfung) Katharina Heck (LH2) Modelling and analysis of multicomponent transport at the interface between free and prous-medium flow influenced by radiation and roughness 

online-Vortrag (webex)

22. Dezember 2020 (Milestone Presentation) Theresa Kurz (LH2) Evaporation driven salt presipitation in porous media  online-Vortrag (webex)


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