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Department of Stochastic Simulation and Safety Research for Hydrosystems

We offer theses in different research areas.


The theses advertised below are intended to provide pointers for topics of possible final theses at our department. Depending on the language capabilities of the supervisor, the work can usually be carried out in German or English.

Often, we can also tailor the focus specifically for project theses, bachelor theses, research modules and master theses.

If you are interested in one of our topics, but the most suitable work for you is not advertised, feel free to contact us anyway -- you will find a contact to the advertised work in the respective notice board.

Unsolicited applications are also possible at any time. 


Topic Tags Advisor
Sampling with Noisy Gradients MCMC,
Tim Brünnette
Quantifizierung von Unsicherheiten in Flussmodellen UQ Sergey Oladyshkin
Hydrologie, Wasser- und Umweltsystemmodellerierung hydrological modeling,
precipitation modeling,
CO2 storage modeling, geothermal modeling 
Jochen Seidel
Stochastic Simulation of Debris Distribution after Airplane Crashes stochastics, programming, uncertainty Tim Brünnette
Learning PFAS isotherms with Universal Differential Equations finite volume method,
mechanism learning, surrogates
Nils Wildt
Predicting Fracture Path Statistics stochastics,
machine learning,
Tim Brünnette
Bayesian River Calibration hydro-morphodynamic modeling,
sediment transport,
model calibration
Sergey Oladyshkin


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