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Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems

One of LH2's primary aims is to provide comprehensive, high-quality interdisciplinary training, predominantly for students of the study programmes Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering and Simulation Technology as well as the international master's programmes WAREM and COMMAS.

General Information

The courses deal with the fundamentals of fluid mechanics, the modelling of hydrosystems, the description of exchange and transport processes in flows; more advanced lectures present the theory and numerics of flow and transport in porous media. In addition to the lectures, which are held in German as well as, to a large extent, in English, various seminars are organised in co-operation with other faculties, e.g. as part of SRC SimTech. In addition, the department aims to attract students from other disciplines such as mathematics, computer sciences or process engineering.



  • Fluidmechanik I
    Betreuer: Yue Wang (M.Sc.)
    Mehr Information: Modul
  • Grundwassermanagement für die Wasserversorgung
    Betreuer: Tim Jupe (M.Sc.)
    Mehr Information: Modul
  • Modeling of Hydrosystems and Hydroinformatics
    Betreuer: Dr. -Ing. Martin Schneider
    Mehr Information: Modul

  • Sustainable development of simulation software
    Betreuer: Dr. -Ing. Dennis Gläser
    Mehr Information: Modul


Short Courses/Seminars


Bachelor / Master's theses

Dear students,

Thank you for your interest in carrying out a student assignment at our department.
Below, you can find the list of exciting topics with corresponding contact people.


  • Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Thermal Diffusion in Hydrophilic Gas Diffusion Layers in PEM Fuel Cells
    Further Information
    Supervisor: Kerem Bozkurt (M.Sc.)

  • Experimental and/or numerical investigations on microbially induced calcite precipitation and biofilm in microfluidic porous media
    Weitere Informationen
    Betreuer: Kerem Bozkurt (M.Sc.), Dr. Felix Weinhardt

  • Applied simulations of reactive transport in porous media, in particular induced calcite precipitation (ICP), and the associated changes in the medium's properties unsing exsisting models.
    Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Hommel

  • Comparing simulation results to experimental data or modeling investigations to asses different possible, realistic application scenarios of ICP. Limited experimental investigations of ICP. 
    Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Hommel

  • Investigation of processes during painting restoration using pore-network modeling
    More information
    Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Johannes Hommel

  • Grid refinement for the finite volume method on staggered grids.
    Supervisor: Melanie Lipp (M.Sc.)

  • Free flow and porous medium flow coupling.
    Supervisor: Edward Coltman (M.Sc.)

  • Soil-water evaporation simulation. 
    Supervisor: Edward Coltman (M.Sc.)

  • Turbulence modelling.
    Supervisor: Edward Coltman (M.Sc.)

  • Experimental and/or (as prefered) numerical investigations of vertical carbon dioxide migration as it dissolves from cave air into water columns.
    Supervisor: apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Class

  • CO2 sources and sinks in soils and CO2 fluxes in the vadose zone: a modelling study towards assessing their potential role for carbon budget models.
    Supervisor: apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Class

  • Realisation of a general advection-diffusion model in DuMuX. 
    Supervisor: Dr. -Ing. Martin Schneider

  • Mixed-dimension coupling methods with distributed sources for two-phase flow problems in porous media.
    Supervisor: Hanchuan Wu (M.Sc.)

  • Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow through Porous Media. 
    Supervisor: Tufan Ghosh (PhD)

  • Investigation of transmissibility development due to precipitation processes in pore-network models using a thin-strip concept. More information
    Supervisor: Theresa Schollenberger (M.Sc.)

Please contact our colleagues directly if you are interested in a student assignment or send an e-mail to  Holger Class or Rainer Helmig.

Der Lehrstuhl für Hydromechanik und Hydrosystemmodelierung pflegt im Rahmen des Erasmus-Austausch-Programms die Kontakte zu folgenden Partneruniversitäten:

Universiteit Utrecht,Niederlande

Universitetet i Bergen, Norwegen

Politechnika Gdanska, Polen

Politecnico di Torino

Fachspezifische Beratungsgespräche werden von Herrn Mathis Kelm nach vorheriger Terminvereinbarung und einer Erstberatung von Seiten des IZ durchgeführt.

Kontakt internationales Zentrum (institutional coordinator):
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Kontakt Institut für Wasser- und Umweltsystemmodellierung (departmental coordinator)
Mathis Kelm (M.Sc.)
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The Ferienakademie was founded in 1994 by Prof. F.L. Bauer from TU Munich. In 1985, the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg became the second organising university. The University of Stuttgart followed in 2002. Since 2005, the Ferienakademie has been directed by Prof. H.-J. Bungartz from TU Munich.

Donations from companies and the sponsoring associations of the three organising universities as well as own funds make it possible to hold the Ferienakademie in the Sarntal Valley in South Tyrol. It is intended to motivate and support talented and interested students from the three organising universities. 


Further information about the Ferienakademie

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