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Winter Semester 2021/22:

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Selected Topics of Hydrological Questions András BárdossyJochen Seidel



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Aquatische Geochemie  Dr. rer. nat. Sebastian Rudnick WS  Go to
Introduction to Scientific Data Processing with Python   Jochen Seidel, wechselnde V. SS  Go to
Remote Sensing in Hydrology and Water Management  Jochen Seidel WS Go to
Hydrogeological Investigations Jochen Seidel, Oliver Trötschler SS  Go to
Hydrology András BárdossyJochen Seidel WS  Go to
Measurements in the Watercycle  J. Huisman, Jochen Seidel SS  Go to
Multi Objective Decision Making in Water Resources Management  Jochen Seidel WS Go to
Projektbewertung in der Wasserwirtschaft  Jochen Seidel SS  coming soon

Student assignments: Master theses and student projects

Open subjects

Monitoring the effect of salt crusts on evaporation using nuclear magnetic resonance, M. Sc. (updated Nov. 6, 2020)

If you are interested in working on a thesis at our department or in further thesis subjects, please contact Jochen Seidel.

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