Duration: 2007.10.01 to 2010.09.30
Department: LWW



KeyBioEffects is a research training network funded by the EC within the Sixth Framework Programme.
The research training network is aiming to provide the elements required to train the new generations of researchers skills needed to solve problems surrounding biodiversity conservation and water pollution in European rivers and to transfer this knowledge to different stakeholder groups. The scientific objective of this project is to provide a better understanding of the causes of ecological quality loss and the cause-effect relationships of pollution and to derive from this knowledge practical tools for water quality assessment. The development of complementary tools is crucial to achieving this objective: the identification of key toxicants, the quantification of the influence of environmental conditions on toxicant bioavailability, the assessment of these effects at the organism, on populations, on communities and ecosystems, and testing in micro- and mesocosms will result in the description of cause-effect relationships and allow the modelling of toxicant effects on the biota.

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Project manager

Sabine Ulrike Gerbersdorf

Research assistants

Helen Lubarsky


From: 2007.10.01

To: 2010.09.30


Marie Curie Research Training Networks (RTN)



Pfaffenwaldring 61, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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