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Sebastian Reuschen

PhD Student
Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems (LS3/SimTech)


+49-711-685 60874

Pfaffenwaldring 5a
D-70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.35

  1. 2021 (submitted)

    1. Reuschen S, Guthke A, Nowak W. The Four Ways to Consider Measurement Noise in Bayesian Model Selection - And Which One to Choose. Water Resources Research.
  2. 2021

    1. Reuschen S, Jobst F, Nowak W. Efficient discretization-independent Bayesian inversion of high-dimensional multi-Gaussian priors using a hybrid MCMC. Water Resources Research. 2021;57(8):e2021WR030051.
    2. Xiao S, Xu T, Reuschen S, Nowak W, Franssen H-JH. Bayesian inversion of multi-Gaussian log-conductivity fields with uncertain hyperparameters: an extension of preconditioned Crank-Nicolson Markov chain Monte Carlo with parallel tempering. Water Resources Research. 2021;57:e2021WR030313.
  3. 2020

    1. Reuschen S, Xu T, Nowak W. Bayesian inversion of hierarchical geostatistical models using a parallel-tempering sequential Gibbs MCMC algorithm. Advances in Water Resources. 2020;141:103614.
    2. Xu T, Reuschen S, Nowak W, Franssen H-JH. Preconditioned Crank-Nicolson Markov chain Monte Carlo coupled with parallel tempering: An efficient method for Bayesian inversion of multi-Gaussian log-hydraulic conductivity fields. Water Resources Research. 2020;56(8):e2020WR027110.
  4. 2019

    1. Xiao S, Reuschen S, Köse G, Oladyshkin S, Nowak W. Estimation of small failure probabilities based on thermodynamic integration and parallel tempering. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing. 2019;133:106248.
    2. Bode F, Reed P, Reuschen S, Nowak W. Search Space Representation and Reduction Methods to Enhance Multi-Objective Water Supply Monitoring Design. Water Resources Research. 2019;55(3):2257–78.
  5. 2016

    1. Bode F, Nowak W, Reed PM, Reuschen S. Putting Man in the Machine: Exploiting Expertise to Enhance Multiobjective Design of Water Supply Monitoring Network. In: Fall Meeting 2016, Abstract: H51A-1413. San Francisco, CA, USA: American Geophysical Union (AGU); 2016. (Fall Meeting 2016, Abstract: H51A-1413).
  6. 2015

    1. Bode F, Reuschen S, Nowak W. Never Use the Complete Search Space: A Concept to Enhance the Optimization Procedure for Monitoring Networks. In: Fall Meeting 2015, Abstract: IN11B-1774. San Francisco, CA, USA: American Geophysical Union (AGU); 2015. (Fall Meeting 2015, Abstract: IN11B-1774).

02/2016 B.Sc. Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart
01/2018 M.Sc. Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart
Since 04/2018 PhD Student, Institute for Modelling Hydraulic and Environmental Systems, University of Stuttgart

Stochastic modeling of underground flow and transport processes

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