Portrait of the Month - Vahid Shoarinezhad



Vahid Shoarinezhad works as a PhD student at the IWS.

His research focuses on the application of optimisation methods for the calibration of hydromorphodynamic numerical models.

Numerical models only become predictive models that can be used for future scenario simulations through a comprehensive calibration or validation process. The main challenge in calibration is to choose an appropriate set of parameters and values to obtain the best simulation result based on a comparison with natural data. The selection of appropriate values for the different parameters requires a high expertise of the modeller. Not only knowledge regarding the boundary conditions but also the ranges in which the different parameters can be varied is necessary for this.

Vahid Shoarinezhad uses 3D numerical models in combination with optimisation algorithms to calibrate the models.

Are you curious? Vahid Shoarinezhad explain more about his work in this video.

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Pfaffenwaldring 61, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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