Entrance to the Falkensteiner Höhle

FM2-Excursion on 4th April 2024

April 12, 2024 /

As part of the lecture "Fluid Mechanics 2", Holger Class organized a one-day excursion to the Swabian Jura for students and staff of the Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems

Karst system Swabian Jura - karst water, caves, sinkholes, limestone tuff

During this excursion, various karst structures in the Swabian Jura were visited. The participants were given an insight into the hydrogeology of the Swabian Alb karst system. The excursion was accompanied by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ufrecht. Wolfgang Ufrecht is a speleologist and geologist. He has been studying karst and caves in the central Swabian Jura for over 30 years. His research focuses on karst development and the age of the caves in the Blautopf catchment area.

Stops were made at the following locations:

  • Bad Urach (Falkensteiner Höhle)
  • Zainingen (Hüle and Hölloch)
  • Laichingen (Tiefenhöhle)
  • Blaubeuren (Blautopf)
  • Seeburg (limestone tufa)

The characteristic karst structures in the terrain and below were explained to the participants at the respective stations, and the paths of the water were always pointed out.

Hühle in Zainingen
Hühle in Zainingen
The cave Falkenstein
The Cave Falkenstein
Entrance to the Tiefenhöhle
Entrance to the Tiefenhöhle
The "Blautopf" in Blaubeuren
The "Blautopf" in Blaubeuren


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