- geothermal storage Baden-Württemberg

Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation (VEGAS)

Duration: 2016-09-19 to 2020-04-30
Department: VEGAS - geothermal storage Baden-Württemberg


The integration of renewable technologies into the heating and cooling supply is made more difficult by the seasonal mismatch between periods of high energy production and periods of high energy demand. As a result, thermal energy storage has increasingly come into focus in recent years. The research project investigates the efficient use of geothermal storage technologies through the scientific monitoring of several pilot projects in Baden-Württemberg. One focus of the research project is the seasonal storage of heat and cold in groundwater bodies, so-called aquifer reservoirs.

AP5: Within this research project, the integration of thermally activated geothermal tube absorbers in a smart grid and their heating and cooling capacity is tested and holistically evaluated from the technical and economical point of view.

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Ph. Blum


AP5: Moormann, Christian

Research assistants

Braun, Jürgen
Giannelli, Giulia




2016-09-19 to 2020-04-30



Cooperation partners

Universität Heidelberg, Universität Stuttgart IGS, Hochschule Biberach, Hochschule Offenburg, EIFER, Stadtwerk am See GmbH & Co. KG, Stadtwerke Bad Waldsee GmbH, Stadtwerke Hockenheim, e.wa riss GmbH & Co. KG; KIT

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