Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Develop Small and Medium Sized Sites -- SME develop SMS

Duration: 2006-09-01 to 2009-08-31
Department: VEGAS

Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Develop Small and Medium Sized Sites -- SME develop SMS


The joint research project "Small and Medium-sized Enterprises develop small and medium-sized sites" ("SME develop SMS") is concentrating on the development of small and medium-sized sites (area size < 5 hectares) by SME. The significance of those sites for inner-city redevelopment was demonstrated as main result of the project "Sustainable Building Site Management in Stuttgart (NBS)". The reuse of SMS can make a significant contribution to the reduction of greenfield consumption. However, there are also some problems which need to be mentioned, e.g. structural development limitations, contaminations and difficult ownership structure. In addition, the town council has to arbitrate between the different stakeholders and has to act in a flexible way. For those reasons, site revitalization is often time-consuming. However, SMS represent an optimal project size for SME. Based on the conditions mentioned, the objectives of the project are e.g. the development of a management concept for local administrations, which implements standardized interaction procedures with SME; the improvement and broadening of concepts of SME for the development of SMS. This concept will be tested at model sites. Main objective is the development and testing of concepts and tools which are capable of addressing the special needs of SMS.
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Project manager

Braun, Jürgen


Schrenk, Volker

Research assistants

von Schnakenburg, Peter
Weber, Karolin




From: 2006-09-01

To: 2009-08-31


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Cooperation partners

Hochschule Biberach,
Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart,
reconsite - TTI GmbH

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