Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction

Duration: 1997-04-01 to 1999-06-30
Department: VEGAS

Thermally Enhanced Soil Vapor Extraction


Using the common remediation technique SVE (soil vapour extraction) for the cleanup of contaminated soil mass transfer limitations often lead to unsatisfactory results even after years of operation. Injection of steam in addition to conventional SVE can accelerate and improve the remediation process due to significant changes in contaminant properties with increasing subsurface temperature. Using the technique of combined steam-air injection for the cleanup process of unsaturated soils, the enhancement of soil vapor extraction by steam can be used by avoiding the disadvantage of uncontrolled contaminant displacement.Laboratory experiments on different scales (bench to technical scale) have been conducted to investigate the dominating process for heat transfer in the three phase system and to develop an innovative remediation technology.

Project manager

Kobus, Helmut


Koschitzky, Hans-Peter

Research assistants

Färber, Arne
Betz, Christoph
Schmidt, Reinhard




From: 1997-04-01

To: 1999-06-30


Projekt Wasser Abfall Boden (PWAB)

Cooperation partners

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