Bo Guo (University of Arizona) is spending three months at LH2 as Humboldt Research Fellow

May 17, 2024 /

Bo Guo from the University of Arizona (USA) has received a research fellowship for experienced researchers from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and will be conducting research at the University of Stuttgart for a total of twelve months. He has recently started his fellowship and will spend the months of May, June and July at LH2.

Bo Guo is Assistant Professor of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Arizona, USA. For the Bachelor degree, he studied Hydraulic Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, and for the Master degree he studied Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University, USA. In 2016, he passed his PhD at Princeton University under the supervision of Michael Celia.

Bo studies the fundamental physics of fluid flow and transport in porous media motivated by environmental and energy problems in Earth’s subsurface. The primary applications of his research include contaminant transport in soil and groundwater especially emerging contaminants such as PFAS, shale gas/oil production, geological CO2 storage, and more recently critical zone science. His research has a strong focus on i) advancing microscale (i.e., pore scale) understanding of flow and transport processes and ii) improving their macroscopic model representation for developing predictive computational tools at the field-scale. He specializes in mathematical and computational modeling, and frequently collaborates with researchers with experimental expertise to utilize laboratory-measured parameters and field data to drive the models and evaluate and validate model predictions.

As a guest of the Department of Hydromechanics and Modeling of Hydrosystems, Bo Guo will spend altogether 12 months at the University of Stuttgart. 

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