Compilation and Analysis of R & D results in the field of Brownfield Redevelopment (roadmap)

Duration: 2004-05-01 to 2005-07-31
Department: VEGAS

Compilation and Analysis of R & D results in the field of Brownfield Redevelopment (roadmap)


In Germany, a large number of recommendations for action, project studies and reports on the subject of land management and land revitalisation are available. In recent years, numerous projects were carried out based upon these publications in order to improve land management and land revitalisation, and hence reduce the high utilization of land. In the context of this research project currently available publications concerned with land management were researched and evaluated. These publications were summarized on a few pages, essential recommendations for action were distilled and the publications were characterized with regard to the subjects areas focused on and the targeted groups. The evaluations were transferred to an elaborate and Internet accessible data bank ( Utilizing search functions, queries of the data bank is possible under different search criteria. During the c ompilation of the literature, more than 140 different publications related to land management were researched. The publications cover almost all issues related to land management, including, among others, the dismantling of derelict buildings, reducing sealed surfaces, funding, brownfield cadastral, conversion of military fallows and the documentation of pilot projects. Often, the projects were carried out on behalf of (or by) ministries or regional authorities and some of them may be downloaded from the Internet. In general, publications can be classified as motivational brochure (meant to arouse interest in the topic area), reports (documentation of research projects) and working tools/ recommendations for action. It is noteworthy, though, that the number of really usable and practice oriented publications is really limited and the data bank will provide the means for the user to find useful publications directly pertaining to his needs.

Project manager

Barczewski, Baldur
Schrenk, Volker

Research assistants

Schrenk, Volker
Samtleben, Jantje




From: 2004-05-01

To: 2005-07-31


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