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diploma theses, student projects: VEGAS - Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation

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VEGAS - Research Facility for Subsurface Remediation
Assessment of the transport behavior of Al and Mg nano-particles in soil using a cascading column setupKlaas, N.XXXX X     X
Assessment of the reaction behavior of mixtures of nano- and micro-sized iron particles towards PCE in a cascading column setupKlaas, N.XXXX X     X
Influence of Moisture and Temperature on Contaminant Analysis in Air Using a GC-PIDTrötschler, O.XXXXXX    XX
Determination of mass transfer rates of Contaminants during Steam-Air Enhanced in-situ remediation processesTrötschler, O.XXXXXX    XX
Data Processing and Evaluation for Thermally Enhanced In-Situ Remediation (TisS)Trötschler, O. X X X     X
Comparison of the Reactivity of Nano-Iron Particles towards PCE in a Contaminant Plume and a SourceWiener, A.XXXXXX   X X
Calibration for “Magnetic Susceptibility Measurement System”Wiener, A. X X X     X
Systematic comparative studies with respect to the determination of particle sizes in suspensions using static laser diffraction and elec-tro-acousticsWiener, A. X X X     X
Transport characterization of different nano particles with column experimentsWiener, A.XXXXXX   X X

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