SimTech-Project: Coupling of micro and macro models for complex flow and transport processes in biological tissue

Department of Hydromechanics and Modelling of Hydrosystems

Funded by the Cluster of Excellence "Simtech" from 1st June 2009 until 31st May 2014

Project Description

The interaction of free and porous-medium flow is dominated by the interface processes. Transfer fluxes of mass, momentum and energy drive processes like evaporation from soil, water management in fuel cells or transport of therapeutic agents in the human body. Depending on the application this interaction occurs either across an interface or an interface layer.Such coupled problems are especially complex, if domains with different flow conditions and a different number of phases interact. A model for coupling one-phase multi-component free flow and two-phase multi-component porous-medium flow is developed and extended to include drop formation at the porous surface. This allows to resolve the complex exchange processes between the two domains.During the first project phase, the coupled model is employed to describe the transport of therapeutic agents from the vascular to the tissue compartment across the capillary wall.Then, drop formation at the gas-channel, gas-diffusion layer interface is investigated to improve the water management in polymer-electrolyte fuel cells.


Helmig, Rainer

Research assistant

Baber, Katherina




06/2009 - 05/2014


Stuttgart Research Centre for Simulation Technologyand Exzellenzcluster "Simulation Technology" (SimTech)


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