12. Juni 2008

Microbial clogging in the subsurface - A one-phase flow model and issuesinvolved in extension to two-phase flow

12. Juni 2008
Anozie Ebigbo
Lehrstuhl für Hydromechanik und Hydrosystemmodellierung, Institut für Wasserbau, Uni Stuttgart
In the talk, a Darcy scale model capable of simulating microbialtransport and accumulation in saturated porous media is presented. Themodelled processes include biomass growth and decay, transfer processesbetween the bulk fluid and the solid and advective/dipsersive transportof bacteria with the bulk fluid.

The model is intended to be used in simulations of microbial clogging inan underground CO2 storage site and thus two fluid phases need to beaccounted for. The extension from one-phase to two-phase flow is notstraight-forward. The second part of the presentation focuses on theissues that need to be included in a two-phase model such as theestimation of surface areas, capillary pressure and relative permeabilities.

Pfaffenwaldring 61, Raum U1.003 (MML), Universität Stuttgart
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