EXC 2075, PN 5-9: Adaptive and Flexible Macro-Micro Coupling Software

Forschungsprojekt im Rahmen des Exzellenzclusters EXC 2075 “Daten-integrierte Simulationswissenschaft (SimTech)” gefördert durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - Projektnummer 390740016

Projektbeschreibung (Englisch)

For many challenging applications in simulation technology, micro-scale phenomena can dominate macro-scale behavior. Using micro-scale models to simulate the complete macro-scale domain of interest is however oftentimes infeasible due to excessive computational cost. Thus, multiscale consideration is a necessity. In this project, we develop novel software and algorithms to couple existing macro-scale and micro-scale simulation programs in a black-box fashion. Special attention is given to the adaptive use of micro simulations and the resulting potential load imbalance for parallel computing – two prerequisites if we want to build realistic applications. To this end, we devise a managing component for all micro simulations, which is coupled to the macro-scale simulation through the coupling library preCICE. The novel concepts are applicable to a wide range of applications in ExC 2075. We showcase the capability of our concepts for muscle models (studied in PN5 and PN7) and porous media flow (studied in PN1).


Jun.-Prof. Benjamin Uekermann
Jun.-Prof. Carina Bringedal


Ishaan Desai (M.Sc.)





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Carina Bringedal

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